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Couples Therapy

Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling can be a powerful way to reconnect with your loved one, as family of origin issues and behavioral, emotional, and cognitive patterns of relating are processed. In the course of couples therapy, issues of money, sex, death, self-identity, fusion, separateness, enmeshment, emotional or cut-off behavior, compulsive behaviors, addiction, can be examined and processed.

Couples therapy is an important process in the growth of the individual and the marriage/couple. When two individuals can develop a healthy sense of self, the relationship between them will be healthier, as their interdependence becomes stronger. In the absence of self-differentiation, triangles, enmeshment, cycles of avoidance and pursuing, and other unhealthy relational patterns will take place.

Marriage counselling ultimately allows for a deeper understanding of the meanings each spouse/partner has behind actions and thoughts. In couples therapy, honest and open sharing can occur, healing of attachment wounds is possible, and a richer level of intimacy and vulnerability becomes possible. It is an intricate part of the process of recovery for couples affected by addiction and compulsive behaviors, as it becomes a safe place for disclosure, attachment wound repairs, re-discovery of the spouse/partner, reconnecting, learning new ways to communicate functionally, and enriching the intimacy level of the couple.

Infidelity, Affairs, and Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Heal your Betrayal Trauma, Empower Yourself, Face Reality, and Discover a New-Found Intimacy and Self-Identity.

Spouses and partners of sexually compulsive and addicted men and women often go through deep pain and shame when the acting out of their spouse becomes known or too unbearable to continue living a life behind a facade of false appearances. Partners and spouses, who experience infidelity and the devastating consequences of affairs, compulsive pornography, or compulsive sexual acting out, can experience trauma and trauma repetition as the feelings of abandonment and broken attachments from childhood are repeated within the cycles of acting out and love avoidance and addiction. You may feel lost, powerless, and alone as you attempt to navigate the crisis within your relationship and family.

In our programs, spouses and their partners are approached with compassion, support, and understanding. The journey to heal does not have to be lonely nor confusing. Couples will learn about and understand their inherited family of origin issues, the cycles of shame and pain that promote further acting out or in, how they ended up in their situation, how they can change their behaviors and detrimental cognitive thought processes, and begin to heal the attachment wounds in their relationship, learning new ways to relate and communicate, so that they can begin anew.

Common behaviors of spouses or partners, who experience the negative effects of affairs, infidelity, or compulsive sexual behaviors:

• raging

• threatening

• persistent anxiety

• workaholism

• codependency

• self-harm

• being  obsessively busy

• keeping up appearances

• sleeping extended hours

• shopping

• overeating  or controlling food

• manipulation

• self-blame

• validation seeking

• snooping

• policing

• abusing alcohol

• being sexually available to the addict

• denial

• perfectionism

• creating chaos/drama

• super-parenting

• rationalizing

• lying

Break free from these behaviors and discover your self-identity and personal healing power. Our program will help you understand your pain and the journey it takes to heal your wounds. Let RFGenaille counselling help you find stability, healing, empowerment, and serenity.